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Electric greenhouse benches

The main function of hot tables  is to keep the dishes at an ideal temperature until they are served at the table.

The top of this stove being smooth, it can be used for the final preparations before taking the dishes to the customers.

Greenhouses line 600 or 700, with fully closed adjustable thermostat 30º-90º

bain marie

Bain-marie allows you to keep your food warm or hot for a long period of time.

This equipment is ideal for use in catering, restaurants, or hotels.

Equipped with wheels, it is mobile and can accompany you around your restaurant area.

With bottom shelf :

Available with capacity for 3 GN 1/1 containers and adjustable thermostat

Fully closed bottom:

Capacity for 4 GN 1/1 containers and adjustable thermostat

(containers not included)

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