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Qualiaço has laser cutting equipment capable of responding to most requests in the metallurgical sector.


We cut products of various types: Iron, Stainless Steel, Aluminum, with maximum precision and efficiency.


MOTOFIL MFL 315 : 3000 X 1500 mm x 4 kW

Plate Types: Iron (15mm), Stainless Steel (12mm), Aluminum (8mm), Brass (4mm); Galvanized sheet

Other measures: upon request

Thickness :

  • Iron: 15mm

  • Aluminum : 8mm

  • Stainless Steel : 12mm


To get in direct contact with our laser cutting service, you can send us your request to the email address:

Corte a laser


To complement our offer, in addition to laser cutting, we also have a bending and welding service for the production of your stainless steel furniture or iron parts.

ready for shipment


Production: cutting, drilling, bending and welding


of your project.

finishing and treatments

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